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  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆   By Stephanie
    Hi I have just arrived home from this garage. I attended this garage about 1.30am on 3rd June 2017. I drove in, parked my car and proceeded to the window to place my order. I live locally and have never had an issue at this garage but I am totally appalled at the way I was treated by the server there tonight. He was a white male, short hair aged 20-30. I politely asked him for 1 bottle Lucozade, 1 bottle of Diet Coke, 1 packet crisp & a bar of chocolate. When he returned to the window I noticed he had a tin of diet coke, so I politely said to me 'sorry it was a bottle of diet coke I asked for' he stared at me with disgust and angrily said 'u asked for a tin' and pointed his finger at me through the glass. At first I was shocked at his behaviour and attitude as I had been nice and polite to him. He was that cheeky I thought he was joking. Again I said 'no I asked for a bottle' to wish he replied 'u asked for a tin and started getting very agitated. At this point I was very embarassed and answered him back in the same tone he had used with me and said 'it was a bottle!! At this point he slammed the stuff back on the counter and said he was not serving me and said I swore at him. I was mortified as my sister was watching and two men who were washing their car also seen this. I have him an earful and left. This man should not be working with the public as his customer service skills is appalling. It is not his job to stand and argue with me I was polite and friendly to him and expected to be treated in the same way. I actually felt quite threatened by his behaviour. I used to work in a garage and I know the hard time the night time servers get so I always go out of my way to be courteous with them. However, I am so angry and shocked at this man's behaviour that I have to complain. I use this garage all the time as does my friends and family and I have never had an issue yet tonight I had to travel to a garage else where because of this man's appalling behaviour. I am so upset by this. This man has lost good custom for your garage and he should not be in anyway shape or form be working with the public. He was lucky I am a nice person because there is a lot of people out there who would not tolerate such appalling behaviour. I want an apology from this garage or this person reprimanded. He should not be working with the public!

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